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Custom Housings

Whether you’re looking for void-free, strong, water-tight or highly cosmetic parts, we have the right technologies and materials to deliver custom housings and enclosures to your specifications. Specializing in assembly and fit check, we can guarantee perfect seam alignments from the smallest components to large panels.  

Our production 3D printing technologies and proprietary Urethane Casting processes produce accurate enclosures with excellent strength to weight ratios and durability. We’ve created custom housings for consumer electronics, medical equipment, automotive parts, sports equipment, aerospace components, MRI & CT scanning machines and heavy construction equipment. 

With a huge library of rigid and flexible materials in a range of colors, our manufacturing processes can produce highly cosmetic parts. Additional post-processing and finishing is available including paint, EMI-FRI shielding and decaling. Our expert assemblers also provide bonding services and add inserts and other hardware per customer requirements.

housings enclosures

Benefits of Custom Enclosures and Housings

3d printed housings


Build parts with complex geometries and internal features due to the freedom of design possible with 3D printed parts and 3D printed patterns for Urethane Casting.

injection molded housing


Ensure seamless fits with the integration of snap fits, interlocking joints, threaded fasteners and living hinges for enclosure connections.

urethane housing


Add electronic shielding and coatings, incorporate branding specifications or request unique textures – our finishing and assembly team is ready to deliver to your specs.

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