Manufacturing Tooling and Aids

Often overlooked, manufacturing tools and aids are essential to companies looking to deliver their products reliably, repeatedly and at low cost in order to maximize profits and ensure quality. On the shop floor, you rely on specialized jigs, fixtures, templates, gauges, and other aids to maintain precision and efficiency. The advanced manufacturing services we offer are ideal for rapidly creating these complex, custom manufacturing tools and aids. Whether these key parts are used for forming, locating, cutting, assembly, testing, or inspecting, we have the expertise – and the ITAR, ISO 9001, and AS9100 certified capabilities – to build the tools and aids you need to exceed your production expectations.

Custom Oreck Fixture
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Areas of Use


Additive manufacturing is frequently used to create tooling for the assembly process, aiding workers to align and hold parts. This helps to reduce errors and the costs associated with poor quality and allows for an increase in operational savings and efficiency.


Numerous additively manufactured parts and tools are used in the fabrication process including end of arm robotic tooling with significant weight savings. Tool guards and covers can also be printed to protect both equipment and employees. Consolidated assemblies and on demand tooling allow for simple duplication and quick response to factory needs.

Health and Safety

With specialty tooling designed to aid worker safety and ergonomic issues in production environments, our advanced manufacturing solutions allow for custom operator and application jigs and fixtures. Conversion from full traditional metal tools provides significant weight savings, enabling operators to move and handle the jigs and fixtures without aide.

Quality Control

Rethink the inspection and QC process with the help of customized tooling, specialty holding devices, measurement aids, and custom cradles that are part specific and non-marring to finished goods.

Packaging and Logistics

Utilize advanced manufacturing for tooling designed to allow for movement of parts within a facility or during shipment. Additive manufacturing makes revisions and redesign to packaging or custom kit boxes quick and efficient.

Applications and Benefits

Additive manufacturing can be used for a wide array of tooling applications.

Jigs & Fixtures: SLS Part
  • Some of the most common include:
  • Covers, Surrogate Parts, and Plugs
  • Locating Templates and Drill/Saw Guides
  • Milling Fixtures
  • Inspection and Testing Fixtures
  • Holders and Assembly Line Fixtures
  • Go/No-Go Tools
  • Ergonomic Conversion

Use additive manufacturing to bring new manufacturing lines online faster with 40-90% lead time reductions and leverage greater design freedom to consolidate components and reduce tool complexity. Take it one step further to get more out of your tool and redesign for ergonomics and maximum functionality rather than manufacturability. Simple CAD updates make design revisions quick and easy. With reduced material waste and on-demand production, you can avoid costly expenses associated with inventory and storage.


3D Printed Vacuum Forming Tool Grants Curt G. Joa Customization and a Competitive Edge

Thanks to customized vacuum forming tools built using Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), Curt G. Joa was able to decrease lead time, decrease warehouse cost, and minimize assembly time.


AS9100 & ISO 9001 Certified (Austin TX, Valencia CA, Belton TX, Eden Prairie MN) | ISO 9001 Certified (Poway CA, Tucson & Phoenix AZ)