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You want to get your products in front of target markets right away, and we want to help. Our advanced manufacturing services help you to create custom, complex production parts in low volumes faster than traditional tooling and molding.

With a wide array of engineering-grade thermoplastics and metals, we collaborate with you to build durable parts for limited production runs and market introductions. When you’re ready to move into higher volumes, our tooling and molding capabilities can help get your product into your customer’s hands efficiently.

production parts
Production Applications

ECS Ducting

Additive manufacturing offers powerful solutions for ECS ducts with design freedoms that lend to optimized, consolidated components. Create strong ECS ducting unrestrained by traditional manufacturing limitations, all while taking advantage of light-weighting possibilities.

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Anatomical Models

Serving a variety of tasks in the medical industry, including practice dummies, educational aids and preoperative planning, anatomical models are an integral element in efficient treatment and health care practices. Our 3D printing and Urethane Casting services open new possibilities for complex, anatomically-accurate models at less cost than traditional manufacturing methods.

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Housings & Enclosures

Produce large, custom housings with seamless fits and integration of enclosure connections.  Produce void-free, strong, water-tight or highly cosmetic parts with the right technologies and materials to deliver custom housings and enclosures to your specifications. 

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