New Webinar: Achieving Process Repeatability with Additive Metals

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In recent years, nothing has garnered more conversation in the 3D printing industry than additive metals. 3D printed metal parts with incredibly complex features can be produced more quickly and sometimes at less cost than traditional manufacturing. The amazing designs and parts achieved with additive metal technologies have brought it to the forefront of design and innovation for some of the biggest players in aerospace, medicine, and energy. The increased conversation about additive metals, however, has raised questions and furthered skepticism regarding the reliability and repeatability of additive metal parts.

In a new webinar, Eric Mutchler, DMLS product manager, and Andrew Carter, process and manufacturing engineer, challenge this skepticism with the results of an 8-month study on powder reuse and its effect on additive tensile properties. Learn more about the world of additive metals and the incredible capabilities made possible with this remarkable technology.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll learn:

Why Additive Metals?

What are the advantages of using an additive metals technology like Direct Metal Laser Sintering to manufacture metal parts?

Additive Metals Process

What are the steps and secondary operations needed to create a quality additive metal parts? What kind of quality controls are necessary? What sort of materials are available?

Powder Reuse Study

The core of this webinar focuses on the 8-month study conducted on ICONEL® 625 powder reuse and the effect on additive tensile properties. This mission to control, track and develop the additive metals production process led to vertical integration of multiple post-process operations and inspection techniques and provided the industry with:additive metals

• Decreased response time to process drift and potential defect parts
• An efficient and economic powder management process
• Increased confidence in DMLS material/part quality
• Increased customer confidence
• Insight into powder lifecycle

Learn from Eric and Andrew’s expertise on the verification of this exciting technology for repeatable and robust metal parts by watching our webinar!

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