Case Studies

3D Printed Vacuum Forming Tool Grants Curt G. Joa Customization and a Competitive Edge

Vacuum Forming Drums

Wisconsin is popularly known as America’s Dairyland, but, in fact, its overall economy is largely based in manufacturing. This sector dates back to the early 20th century when European immigrants relocated to the state. Curt G. Joa, a young German engineer, was one of them. In 1935 he established a manufacturing company in Sheboygan Falls, […]


NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Turns to 3D Metal Printing for SLS Propulsion Program

NASA DMLS Injector

NASA Marshall Space Flight Center hot fire tests Direct Metal Laser Sintered (DMLS) injector fuel nozzles for rocket advancements in the Space Launch Systems (SLS) program. NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center began operations in 1960, pioneering space exploration and rocket advancements for travel to the moon, space shuttle propulsion and many NASA legacy missions including […]


Medical Device Manufacturing: EMD Millipore’s Muse Cell Analyzer


Stratasys Direct Manufacturing partnered with EMD Millipore Corporation to manufacture the Millipore Muse™ Cell Analyzer. The Muse assesses cell health parameters and immune status among other abilities in minutes from a single desktop medical device. The size of the Muse is almost unheard of in the realm of cell analyzation; typically, medical devices like the […]


Our Machine Identities: Laser Sintering Generates Data-Masks


PROJECT Sterling Crispin, an artist with a Masters of Fine Arts and Masters of Science, Multimedia Engineering, brought to life a physical representation of the way facial recognition algorithms – such as Facebook’s DeepFace system  – detect and identify faces. His project gives viewers a physical mask that recognition programs note as “human” but which […]


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