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Quality assurance is more than just following the rules; it’s a promise of thorough attention to detail, every time. At Stratasys Direct Manufacturing, we’re committed to delivering the best parts on the market and ensuring complete process controls.

We are ITAR registered and carry the latest revisions of ISO 9001 and AS9100 certifications, demonstrating our ability to consistently provide parts that meet customer and regulatory requirements. We aim to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of a stringent system that ensures superb process controls and traceability of all parts produced in our facilities.

Our manufacturing services get you to market faster, but we don’t sacrifice quality for speed. Our certified systems ensure you receive your part within the parameters defined by your project requirements. Your team can rest assured in our quality controls during the incoming, in-process and final production stages for every part we make.

quality assurance

Quality Controls

digital inspection

Digital Inspection

Our expert project engineers help customers prioritize the elements of part quality they’re expecting while examining 3D CAD models.

iqc inspections

IQC Inspections

Post-build, every part is given an initial quality control (IQC) inspection. The standard six-point inspection includes measurement, a visual inspection, a warp check and a foreign object debris (FOD) check.

custom quality controls

Custom Quality Controls

Our quality assurance expertise lends to the development of custom quality checks and inspections perfectly suited to your application and business needs.

Quality Certificates


Location Certification
Los Angeles, CA ISO 9001 | AS9100
Minneapolis, MN ISO 9001 | AS9100
Belton, TX ISO 9001 | AS9100
Austin, TX ISO 9001 | AS9100
Phoenix, AZ ISO 9001
Tucson, AZ ISO 9001
San Diego, CA ISO 9001 | AS9100

quality assurance

Quality Assurance in AM

How we maintain strict quality guidelines to ensure we deliver industry-leading standards

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ensuring superior quality of additive metal parts

Ensuring Quality of Additive Metal Parts

We can perform a wide-range of additive metal post-processes to achieve high quality standards.

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