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3D Printed Bone Models | Sonoma Case Study | Stratasys Direct

3D printing offered a viable, cost-effective solution to recreating accurate models with repeatable bone fracture types for multiple training scenarios.

3D Printed Brain Models | Walter E. Dandy Case Study | Stratasys Direct

Neurosurgeon study compares 3D printing against traditional training methodologies such as cadavers, foam models, and other conventional practices.

3D Printed Car with FDM | KOR EcoLogic Case Study | Stratasys Direct

KOR's Urbee is the very first car built completely with additive manufacturing technology, designed to be aerodynamic and as green as possible.

3D Printed Fuel Tank | Lockheed Martin Case Study | Stratasys Direct

Lockheed Martin and Stratasys Direct Manufacturing teamed up to create a fuel tank simulation for a new satellite design. Read the case study here.

3D Printed Maternal Fetal Simulator | CAE Case Study | Stratasys Direct

To create the highly complex, integrated model, 3D printing and subtractive CNC machining was critical for full realization of all simulations.

3D Printing an FDM Robot | Gui Cavalcanti Case Study | Stratasys Direct

With the help of several makers, students, designers and engineers, the first iteration of the 21st Century Robot named Jimmy came to life.

3D Printing FDM Auto Parts | NASCAR Case Study | Stratasys Direct

When Joe Gibbs needed automotive racing parts tough enough to withstand competition & attractive enough to do their team’s sponsors proud, they came to us.

3D Printing Heart Models | TCAI Case Study | Stratasys Direct

Hearts can be 3D printed and delivered to physicians in hours, enabling physicians to study models before performing open-heart surgery on a patient.

3D Printing Luxury Car Parts | Ai Design Case Study | Stratasys Direct

Each luxury vehicle has very unique engineering and design, from the engine to the interior. This poses a challenge for creating new, customized features.

3D Printing Medical Devices | Kablooe Case Study | Stratasys Direct

Kablooe needed a cost-effective way to build, test, redesign and repeat. For this kind of breakthrough prototyping, FDM was just what the doctor ordered.

737 Scale Model Uses Laser Sintering to Fly | Area-1 Case Study | Stratasys Direct

Created by Area-I in Georgia, PTERA is the unmanned Prototype-Technology Evaluation and Research Aircraft yielding inexpensive flight research for commercial aircraft and NASA, and it’s using 3D printing in a few instrumental ways.

AM Case Study: Hanwha Power Systems | Stratasys Direct

Manufacturing complex energy applications with state-of-the-art metal 3D printing.

Case Study: 3D Printing Drums | Stratasys Direct

Panic! At The Disco drummer Dan Pawlovich tours the world with a 3D printed snare drum.

FDM NASA N+3 Model | Aurora Case Study | Stratasys Direct

A major part of the project is the assessment of aerodynamics, propulsion, operations and structure to ensure the full spectrum of concept improvements.

FDM Prototyping Automotive | Clemson Case Study | Stratasys Direct

BMW required a cost-efficient, low-volume manufacturing plan for the Deep Orange 4, which targeted a niche market of performance-oriented SUV customers.

FDM Robots 3D Printed for NASA | Wyle Case Study | Stratasys Direct

ASA needs robots to do the jobs in space that humans can’t. That’s why our customer Wyle Laboratories designed and 3D printed Robonaut 2.

Laser Sintered Motorcycle Parts | SLS Case Study | Stratasys Direct

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing built a 3D printed motorcycle with Mission Motors, bridging high-performance motorsports and green technology.

Laser Sintering UAV Aviation Fuel Tanks | Case Study | Stratasys Direct

Advanced Ceramics Research designed a 3D printed UAV to provide low cost aerial surveillance imaging. Read how we helped in this case study.

PolyJet 3D Printing Antique Car Parts | Case Study | Stratasys Direct

To bring the an antique auto back to life, our customer needed an affordable way to build custom dies. PolyJet 3D printing technology was the solution.

Stereolithography Anti-Gravity Cup | IRPI Case Study | Stratasys Direct

To create a drinking cup in microgravity, IRPI looked to 3D printing to solve what appeared to be an insurmountable challenge.

Stereolithography Predicts Product Life | FLIR Case Study | Stratasys Direct

Thermal imaging company, FLIR, uses Stereolithography to test design and function, determine strengths and weaknesses, calculate market interest and lengthen the life of their products.

Urethane Casting Aircraft Models | Case Study | Stratasys Direct

Artist Mark Reigelman utilized Stratasys Direct to urethane cast 900 detailed plane models for an impressive art installment at San Diego Airport.

Urethane Exercise Equipment | Star Trac Case Study | Stratasys Direct

When tooling deliveries were delayed, Star Trac turned to Stratasys Direct Manufacturing for production level quantities of urethane components.

Urethane Telemedicine Robots | InTouch Case Study | Stratasys Direct

3D printed medical robots are helping to deliver a connected healthcare network across the nation for better patient care. Read our case study.