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“Being able to make design changes and 3D print new tools within days was extremely important to helping us perfect the design.

“We could get feedback from a doctor, make design adjustments and send an updated Pathfinder™ within a week – something we wouldn’t be able to do with investment casting or injection molding.”

– Jim Duncan, DanaMed

Why Medical Companies Use Additive Manufacturing

a doctor holds a 3d printed medical deviceMedical manufacturers are using advanced manufacturing processes to quickly prototype and produce breakthrough solutions for doctors, patients, research institutions and medical students.


With a wide range of materials and the most comprehensive capacity of advanced manufacturing solutions in North America, our experienced team is ready to meet your application whether it’s in the operating room or on a medical cart.

Take advantage of materials with MRI shielding and ISO 10993, USP Class VI materials for Gamma & EtO sterilization to create the next big step toward a better health care.

Advance Patient Care

Learn more about what’s possible in cutting-edge healthcare with medical 3D printing and our specially formulated materials.

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an engineer holds up a gray 3d printed medical partAt Stratasys Direct we offer the largest capacity of advanced manufacturing technologies to serve a variety of application needs.


PolyJet prints full color, multi-material prototypes and pre-surgery models in anatomically correct detail directly from unique patient CT scans.

Stratasys Advanced Medical Models

Order clinically relevant, realistic anatomical models from Stratasys Advanced Medical Models.

Through Advanced Medical Models, you can replicate human anatomy with a wide range of clinical scenarios and pathology. Advanced Medical Models effectively replace costly and short-lived cadavers, mannequins or animal anatomy.

FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)

two halves of a 3d printed anatomical modelFDM builds durable, accurate parts with production thermoplastic materials that meet ISO 10993-1 and USP Class VI certifications to help ensure precision and high performance.

Laser Sintering (LS)

LS uses powdered Nylon 11 and Nylon 12 materials, some of which meet USP Class VI certifications.

Parts produced by LS are lightweight, strong, and extremely effective in fulfilling a variety of applications such as locating tools and instruments.

Multi Jet Fusion

Create non-cosmetic housings and connectors more quickly and cost-effectively with Multi Jet Fusion. Reduce the average cycle-time and cost per unit by nesting parts into a single batch.

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)

DMLS creates complex geometries and fine features not possible with any other metal manufacturing process. DMLS is ideal for custom saw and drill guides, as well as handheld devices.

Urethane Casting

With a range of materials, including MRI transparent materials, Urethane Casting continues to be one of the best solutions for producing short runs of production parts for medical carts, scientific instrumentation and handheld devices.

We have critical knowledge derived from decades working with the medical industry to maximize your resources and provide AS9100 and ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facilities to ensure consistent, high quality components.


a 3d printed surgical back model with an instrumentImprove product efficiency and reduce inventory with accurate components 3D printed on-demand.

Our team of experts have worked for decades alongside medical manufacturers to build devices, carts and surgical tools.

Medical Parts, Stat

The medical industry has utilized our services for a variety of innovative applications.

Move to clinical trials faster by producing low volumes of medical devices or equipment with 3D printing, conventional manufacturing or a combination of several methods.

Create custom anatomical models from patient CT scans for pre-op surgery practice, medical training and patient education.

Common Applications

  • Anatomical and pre-surgery models
  • Surgical guides
  • Surgical tools
  • Scientific instrumentation
  • Medical carts
  • Electronic housings
  • Handheld devices

Medical 3D Printing Resources

walter e dandy

Surgical Simulation on 3D Printed Brain Models

Neurosurgical society improves patient outcomes with PolyJet brain models

Neurosurgical society improves patient outcomes with PolyJet brain models

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Revolutionary DMLS Surgical Tool Repairs Ligaments

The success rate of ACL reconstruction is revolutionized with a 3D printed surgical tool.

The success rate of ACL reconstruction is revolutionized with a 3D printed surgical tool.

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emd millipore

Medical Production: EMD Millipore’s Muse Cell Analyzer

EMD Millipore utilized urethane casting for initial product launch.

EMD Millipore utilized urethane casting for initial product launch.

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better breakthrough

A Breakthrough in Better Anatomical Models

3D printing delivers innovative ways to develop procedure practices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

a medical device enclosure for a hospitalDo you offer any USP Class VI Compatible Materials?

Yes. ABS-M30i, PC-ISO, and ULTEM™ 1010 resin for FDM; Various formulations of Nylon 12 PA for Laser Sintering; Titanium Ti64 and Cobalt Chrome CoCrMo for DMLS; and AFP3100 for Urethane Casting.

What kind of file formats do you accept?

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing accepts virtually any commonly used 3D file format, but to use our automated quote tool, you will need one of the following file formats: STL, STEP, IGES, Pro/E, CATIA, Parasolid, SolidEdge, SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, or Unigraphics.

Which 3D printing technology offers the greatest level of detail?

Though material, part size, and application are critical factors in determining which technology is best for a given project, PolyJet is typically known to provide the highest level of detail.

Can you provide packing and labeling services?

Stratasys Direct cannot provide packing and labeling due to the additional FDA oversight and regulations associated with these requests.

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