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Advanced Services throughout Product Development

There’s a reason they say two heads are better than one. Turn to a tenured team of perpetual problems solvers backed by strong R&D. A team that regularly pushes advanced processes to the edge to deliver the absolute best for your application.  A team for you.

Take advantage of our enhanced methods and specialized materials to optimize your project.

From prototyping to production runs, our advanced manufacturing methods make it easy for you to get to market faster with quality parts.

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Advanced Manufacturing Services

3D Printing

Our sizable fleet of 3D printing machines makes us one of the largest manufacturing service providers worldwide. Our goal is to empower organizations to revolutionize product development by continuously pushing the limits and improving manufacturing technologies.

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Some jobs require tried-and-true methods of manufacturing. Used as a complementary technique to a 3D printed part, or as a means to larger volumes of production parts, our conventional technologies are here to help you get quality components to market fast.

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Design Services

Design Services offer comprehensive solutions for your unique business, manufacturing and application requirements. From prototypes to production parts, our experienced team collaborates with you to provide product design services and additive manufacturing resources to make your job easier.

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Finishing + Assembly

We know the right finish can mean the difference between a raw part and a market-ready product. With our expert staff, you are ensured that your end-use parts meet tight tolerances with precise post-process machining or that your prototypes will have a production-quality look and feel.

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Product Development Life Cycle

Discover where our services fit into your stage of product development. Whether you’re in the design phase or ready for production runs, we have an array of solutions at your disposal. 

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