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    Comprehensive 3D Design Services for Your Business Needs

    Whether you’re looking for assistance in making small changes on your CAD or need more robust design solutions for your application, we have expansive services to make your project successful. Discover new value-added opportunities that were not originally considered to leverage increased efficiencies and expedite time-to-market.

    Design for Additive Manufacturing

    Create products that leverage the power of additive manufacturing. Our designers help optimize CAD models for functionality, appearance and value for use with our 3D printing technologies.

    Design Modifications

    Need to make CAD modifications to an existing product? Collaborate with our experienced designers to enhance your designs and quickly implement changes before manufacturing your parts.

    Expertise in Your Corner

    Our team of experts are dedicated to helping your company design freely, improve product quality and create new opportunities with advanced manufacturing. From ensuring seamless 3D designs to product manufacturing, our Design Services will help you achieve your final results quickly and effectively. Our services incorporate operational management for smooth and unified workflows with existing manufacturing processes, including design and engineering.


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    3d printing design services

    Manufacturing Done Differently

    Our team designs, analyzes and builds manufacturing tools to streamline your production floor.

    Manufacturing Tooling

    Our team collaborates with yours to design, optimize and produce manufacturing tooling solutions using both conventional and additive technologies.

    Jigs & Fixtures

    Streamline operations with custom and cost-effective jigs and fixtures. Our designers partner with your team to offer solutions for light-weight and ergonomic jigs and fixtures that take advantage of our advanced manufacturing methods.

    Collaborative Manufacturing

    Collaborate with our material and process experts to develop truly customized answers to your challenges. Implement highly controlled additive production processes and procedures that increase the reliability and consistency of your product. Employ the unique capabilities of advanced manufacturing for efficient production while reducing unnecessary costs and constraints of conventional manufacturing.

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    3d printing design services

    Expertise Brought to You

    You know that the future of your industry involves additive manufacturing, but making moves into AM can bring significant challenges to your business. Our Design Services are here to help wade through the adoption process with advanced consultation and manufacturing solutions, customized to your needs.

    Collaboration and Consultation

    With decades of experience in additive manufacturing, we enable your company to shorten the AM adoption cycle and start benefiting from the efficiencies of cutting-edge technology. We establish documented process controls for reliable manufacturing, post-processing procedures and new additive material development.

    On-Site Analysis

    Our team performs comprehensive, on-site analysis and assessments of your complete operations and conveys these findings through an all-inclusive report that acts as a road map for your unique journey to AM adoption.

    Training & Education

    We can deliver on-site and remote training programs tailored to your business needs. These training programs include education for managers and executives, as well as customized technical training for specific, actionable curriculum to close knowledge gaps among staff.

    3d printing design services

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Computer-aided design (CAD)?

    Computer-aided design (CAD) utilizes a vast range of digital 3D drafting software that help designers, engineers, architects and other manufacturing professionals develop, define and shape a particular component or product in three dimensional space. In this day and age, 3D CAD files are the main defining authority for a product and necessary to have in order to successfully fabricate your creations.

    I don’t have a 3D design file like CAD or STL—can you still help me print a part?

    Yes; we do offer CAD design services for your projects, or we can recommend several companies who can make your design ready for the real-world if the CAD design involves high levels of product development and concept functionality evaluation. Contact us to learn more.

    Will Stratasys Direct Manufacturing sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)?

    Yes, we will sign an NDA. We always keep customer information confidential and only release information at the customer’s discretion. If you or your company do not have a standard NDA we can provide you with our NDA which protects both the customer and SDM.

    What quality certificates do you have?

    All of our facilities are meet ITAR security regulations and carry ISO 9001 certifications. In addition, we have several sites that carry the aerospace AS 91000 certification. Read more about Quality Assurance.

    3d printing design services


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