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From prototype to production, we offer comprehensive services for stages throughout the product development life cycle. In this series of articles, we’re diving deeper into those stages and how our solutions serve businesses as they move through product development and into market. First we addressed the Discover stage; now we move in to our key services for Design.

In the Design stage, companies have compiled their concepts and are crafting their 2D and 3D models. On paper and in CAD, they are creating the best possible geometry to serve the product’s function and the manufacturing technology they’ll utilize for production.

With incredible advances in software and scanning tools, designing the products of the future has become increasingly manageable. Alongside these advancements has arisen manufacturing methods like 3D printing that enable designers and engineers to envision detailed, complex geometries uninhibited by traditional design-for-manufacture rules.

If designers and engineers are planning on utilizing 3D printing for any stage of product development, they may need to incorporate additive manufacturing specific design considerations into their 3D models. It can be helpful to consult with experts to optimize their product design. Then, they’ll begin validating their designs and working through iterations by prototyping.

Design Solutions

Our Design Guidelines explain key considerations for designers utilizing specific types of 3D printing technology. Since the technologies build parts uniquely, there are areas that a design may fail if the 3D modeler isn’t aware of the tolerances possible or supports needed or optimal orientation. See our full set of Design Guidelines here.

Whether a small change in a CAD is needed, or a more robust design solution is necessary for a specific application, our Design Services team supports businesses looking to optimize their models for their application and manufacturing needs.

Design Services offers new value-added opportunities that were not originally considered to increase efficiencies and expedite time-to-market. The expert team is especially helpful in optimizing CAD models for functionality, appearance and value for use with 3D printing technologies.

Our team of experts are dedicated to helping your company design freely, improve product quality and create new opportunities with advanced manufacturing. Our services incorporate operational management for smooth and unified workflows with existing manufacturing processes, including design and engineering.

There’s no better way to validate designs than with prototyping, and 3D printing offers a cost-effective, rapid means for prototyping. Engineers can quickly prove out concepts, filter through ideas and incorporate design changes rapidly.

Our rapid prototyping services enable companies to get imperative feedback, revise, iterate, and bring better products to market faster. Low cost and quick to produce, precise concept models look and feel like the final product—ideal for presenting new items to key stakeholders early in the design process. 3D printing is often ideal for quick-turn functional prototypes, allowing for part functionality tests early and frequently through iterative designs.

Design Made Easier

Our advanced manufacturing services make the design process easy, with rapid prototyping available in a range of technologies and materials, thorough Design Guidelines and helpful Design Services. Then, with a validated design in hand, businesses can move into the planning process.

Design Services Resources


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