Discover New Solutions for Developing Products

Across industries the product development life cycle follows the journey of a product from inception to final product. At Stratasys Direct Manufacturing we offer comprehensive services at key stages of the product development life cycle that service designers and engineers as they transform their ideas into amazing components.

In this series of articles we discuss each stage of product development and how our expansive solutions assist companies as they move through the life cycle. We serve the following stages of product development: Discover, Design, Plan, Produce and Replenish.


Whether the idea is to solve a problem or improve upon a previous product, engineers and designers start with the essential research that will inform them throughout development to their ultimate product. This research phase can inspire development teams to discover new, cutting-edge technologies or innovative possibilities for their product.

At Stratasys Direct, we have an expansive collection of resources to inspire engineers and help designers solidify concepts into a more concrete execution. These resources offer information on the best way to design, test and manufacture products. They include design guidelines, white papers and informative articles to help designers visualize the next step in their product development.

Design guidelines cover the specifications associated with the build styles and materials related to technologies. White papers are technical resources that delve into detailed applications and technologies to help engineers accomplish specific uses of advanced manufacturing. Our library of articles are a good resource for information on broader topics in advanced manufacturing.

Some development teams need consulting, especially if they’re approaching additive manufacturing for the first time. Our Design Services team offers hands-on consultations and design for additive manufacturing services to start designers early on in the process. As teams prepare to design or optimize parts, they can tap into Design Services’ decades of experience in advanced manufacturing methods. The team can perform comprehensive, on-site assessments of your complete operation and deliver these findings with an all-inclusive report that acts as a road map for your journey to AM adoption.

Expertise in Your Corner

It starts with an idea. Gathering information from the leaders in innovative manufacturing and design is what propels product concepts into market quickly and cost-effectively.

Our experts know what it takes to adopt AM into your workflows, operations and supply chains, and we are here to help you discover the best possible way to incorporate advanced manufacturing services. Decades of experience with advanced manufacturing has led us to develop proprietary production methods, specially formulated materials and careful quality control methods. Discovering the options available for your next project helps inform the next crucial step in the development cycle - design.

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