Production grade thermoplastics build tough, durable parts that are accurate, repeatable and stable over time. 3D print your concept models, prototypes, tools and production parts in familiar materials like ABS, PC and high-performance ULTEM 1010 and ULTEM 9085.

At Stratasys Direct we offer a range of thermoplastics utilized with five technologies: FDM, Laser Sintering, Multi Jet Fusion, CNC Machining and Injection Molding. Build complex geometries with LS nylons, harness design freedom with strong FDM & MJF thermoplastics and utilize any production plastic you require with our machining and tooling solutions.

thermoplastics materials

Thermoplastic Materials for Injection Molding

Related Technologies


FDM offers 3D printing’s design freedom coupled with strong engineering-grade thermoplastics to create robust parts ideal for functional prototyping and production.

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Laser Sintering

Laser Sintering creates tough and geometrically complex components in a wide variety of applications. The parts are strong, water and air-tight, heat resistance and repeatable.

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Multi Jet Fusion

Multi Jet Fusion offers nylon thermoplastic materials well-suited for high-volume functional prototyping and low-volume production applications. Stratasys Direct Manufacturing will be at the forefront of introducing new Multi Jet Fusion materials to our customers.

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CNC Machining

Create CNC Machined parts at unrivaled speed with our fast methods and large project capacity. Our experienced engineers ensure the highest standards with our cutting-edge equipment.

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Injection Molding

Create repeatable, higher volume production parts with any plastic you require with our fast tooling and injection molding process.

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thermoplastics production parts

Production Parts

Thermoplastics are ideal materials for building durable, long-lasting production parts. Depending on the technology utilized, mid to large volumes are possible for repeatable components. Read More

thermoplastics environmental control systems ducting

ECS Ducting

Thermoplastics can be FST-rated, highly heat resistant and ideal for strong, complex ducting. Read More

thermoplastics functional prototypes

Functional Prototypes

Parts from thermoplastics are mechanically, thermally and chemically strong – ideal for challenging plastic applications. Read More