ULTEM™ 9085 CG Resin for High-Requirement Projects

An important component to the FDM Pro solution is ULTEM™ 9085 CG resin (certified grade), which adds onto the high performance of the ULTEM™ resin thermoplastic with the ability to meet the extensive, more stringent test criteria and material traceability required by aerospace industries and regulatory agencies. FDM Pro uses ULTEM™ 9085 CG resin and leverages hardware and software changes coupled with enhanced process controls that result in optimal part characteristics, low production variability and higher yield.
ultem 9085

ULTEM™ 9085 CG Resin is an ideal thermoplastic suited for projects that require the following:

High heat deflection: One of ULTEM™ resin’s greatest strengths is its ability to stand up to high temperatures, with a heat deflection tested at 307°F (188°C). This high-performance thermoplastic possesses good high-temp operating characteristics compared with other resins. With the same chemical formulation as ULTEM™ 9085 resin, ULTEM™ 9085 CG resin is also FAR 25.853 compliant for flame, smoke and toxicity characteristics.

High strength-to-weight ratio: The ULTEM™ 9085 CG resin material has improved mechanical properties with upwards of 39% increase to tensile strength and upwards of 65% increase to elongation at break in the Z orientation compared to standard ULTEM™ 9085 resin. An added benefit is improved strength characteristics in the XY build orientation when compared to ULTEM™ 9085 resin manufactured on a standard production platform.

Reliable repeatability: FDM Pro’s hardware, software and process enhancements improve the mechanical properties of ULTEM™ 9085 CG resin resulting in better consistency in parts built with the material. These enhanced properties produce a coefficient of variance as good as 5%.

Existing certifications and traceability: Stratasys Direct provides complete documentation for ULTEM™ 9085 CG resin filament to provide users with full traceability from the raw material lot number to the filament to the finished part as required. Test methods are in accordance with FAR 25.53 and ASTM standards.

Stratasys can also provide a Certificate of Analysis on the filament that’s produced from the raw material. It identifies the test results for pull force, moisture content and melt flow. This document reflects the Sales Order Number, Stratasys manufacturing lot number and the SABIC (supplier) resin lot number. A Stratasys Certificate of Production Conformance specifies that the filament is manufactured per established specifications and provides material identification information, including filament spool lot number. The information contained in these documents form a complete chain of traceability from the raw ULTEM™ 9085 resin pellets to the manufactured FDM filament spool.

Standard ULTEM™ 9085 resin filament canisters include a Certificate of Conformance that documents the material has been manufactured to established specifications. ULTEM™ 9085 CG resin filaments are produced in smaller batches, receive more frequent testing and are accompanied by additional documentation. Resin lot changes require complete cleaning of extrusion equipment to provide absolute lot identification and eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination between material lots. Choosing ULTEM™ 9085 CG resin also ensures that your parts are produced with this enhanced material on a FDM 900 PRO platform.

Learn more about FDM Pro and ULTEM™ 9085 CG resin by downloading the Solution Brief. 


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