Advancing Thermal Management with Additive Manufacturing [WHITE PAPER]

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An integral engineering element across major industries from transportation to electronics, thermal management continues to challenge designers in several applications. 3D printing, aka additive manufacturing (AM), offers a unique solution for next-generation thermal control. With unmatched design freedom for nonlinear geometries, 3D printed parts can increase performance and reduce the size and weight of thermal control systems.

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The design freedom provided by AM and the potential performance increase achieved through design optimization are major advantages for designers looking to better their thermal control systems. 3D printing offers other advantages for this application, including faster lead times than traditional manufacturing processes and the ability to print proof-of-concept models before committing to final design.

AM applications for thermal management exist in various stages of the production development life cycle. In this white paper, discover key areas that AM has been put to use in thermal control, as well as studies and research conducted to validate the additive process for optimized systems. Learn more about thermal management solutions with additive manufacturing and how to optimize your design to take advantage of this incredible technology.

Thermal Management

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with Additive Manufacturing

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