3D Printed Trophies for Rapid + TCT 2018

This week in Fort Worth, TX one of the longest-running and most respected conventions in additive manufacturing (AM) is welcoming thousands to a showcase of the industry’s biggest players. RAPID + TCT 2018 is an additive manufacturing event that highlights discovery and innovation in 3D printing, 3D scanning, CAD/CAE, metrology and inspection technologies.
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RAPID Award Trophies

Naturally, one of the biggest additive manufacturing shows in the business needs 3D printed trophies! For years, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing has worked with RAPID to create some of the intricately designed trophies for three of the awards given to the best of the bunch. Stratasys Direct Manufacturing designed and printed three trophies for RAPID + TCT 2018 with Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS), Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) and Laser Sintering (LS) technologies. 

The Industry Achievement award was developed to recognize an individual, team or company for outstanding accomplishments that have had significant impact within the additive manufacturing industry or in any industry through the application of AM technology. We printed the Industry Achievement award with DMLS and LS technology utilizing Stainless Steel and Nylon materials. The design is organic and complex, a perfect shape to highlight the capabilities of additive manufacturing. 

3D printing

3d printing

The Exhibitor Innovation award recognizes the most innovative new products or services exhibited at RAPID + TCT that are judged to have the greatest impact on the industry. The People’s Choice at RAPID + TCT is determined by popular vote of RAPID + TCT attendees during the event. Both awards were created with FDM and DMLS technologies utilizing ABS and Aluminum.

3d printing

3d printing

Stratasys Direct Speaker

This year, Sr. Process and Manufacturing Engineer Andrew Carter will give a presentation on the response of tensile properties at elevated temperatures for IN625 and IN718 in AM. Direct Metal Laser Melting (DMLM) (aka Direct Metal Laser Sintering) can be effective through practices uncommon to conventional manufacturing techniques, causing concern around the reliability and consistency of mechanical properties for AM metal parts. 

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing previously studied the response of room temperature tensile properties in IN625 produced on seven EOS M280 machines over the course of eight consecutive months. The results reported a level of material consistency previously unpublished in the industry. However, skeptics continue to claim additive is uncontrolled and produces wide variation of mechanical and material properties, especially at elevated temperatures. This skepticism is largely driven by the way powder reuse, or recycling, manifests into poor mechanical properties. 

The presentation will demonstrate DMLM’s ability to produce real production components for high temperature environments and will list the necessary steps to overcome objections to adopting DMLM as a production technology. Hear from Andrew on April 26 at 11:15am. 

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