Introducing GrabCAD Workbench

With over 5 million members, GrabCAD is the largest online community of professional designers, engineers, manufacturers and STEM students on the planet. Whether it’s looking for a fully-rendered CAD model in the GrabCAD Community’s library of more than 3.1 million free online CAD models, or sharing some design tips and tricks with fellow professionals via the GrabCAD Groups forum, there’s plenty to see and do on GrabCAD for anybody interested in product design or engineering.

GrabCAD Workbench is a CAD collaboration tool that offers full set cloud collaboration to ensure that you and your team can find the CAD files you need, avoid duplicating work, and easily solicit input from everyone who might have a stake in the project. Workbench is great for distributed teams or shared projects, because all your team’s updates will appear on one project feed, which will also allow you to securely share files with external collaborators wherever they may be located.

grabcad workbench screenshot a free cad collaboration

Workbench’s mobile app enables you to work with teams and collaborators from anywhere.

Key benefits of Workbench

  • Free(dom) – Break down walls and collaborate with your team anytime and anywhere. GrabCAD Workbench is completely free to use across your organization and teams. 


  • Revision management – Workbench helps eliminate confusion and keeps everyone on the team up to date on the latest iterations and design changes, helping to avoid manufacturing mistakes and wasted time and money.


  • Partner spaces – On Workbench, you can release controlled product data and design information to specific customers or manufacturers without needing to publish all project data. 


  • Automatic backup – While working through iterations and changes, Workbench automatically tracks file versions and lets you browse file history, allowing you to instantly restore old versions.


  • CAD agnostic – Like Stratasys Direct’s commitment to finding the best solution for manufacturing needs by being technology agnostic, GrabCAD Workbench supports all major CAD formats.


  • Mobility – Making progress doesn’t mean being chained to your desk. Workbench’s mobile app enables you to work with teams and collaborators from anywhere.


As members of the Stratasys family, GrabCAD and Stratasys Direct are working together to create a seamless transition from CAD file to manufactured part. By clicking “Make My Part”, members will be directed to Stratasys Direct’s online quoting portal where they can log in or sign up for a new account. 

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