Making Your Parts Better in a Changing Manufacturing Landscape

As manufacturing trends continue toward digitization and automation with a convergence of traditional manufacturing methods with additive technologies, it can be a challenge for businesses to keep ahead of the curve. Most understand that it takes more than just hardware, software and materials to ensure optimized, cost-effective and market ready products. There’s a level of expertise, service and quality assurance needed to support the product development life cycle from conception to market entry. 

While some businesses have the resources to take on some or all of these needs, most will look outward, prudently searching for the right suppliers to help accomplish production requirements. 

At Stratasys Direct Manufacturing, we promise three key areas of excellence: expertise, service and quality. Backed by our robust production capabilities and decades in manufacturing, we’re able to deliver projects on-time at the best possible quality. Discover how our solutions deliver the cutting-edge of advanced manufacturing.


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From prototyping to production runs, our advanced manufacturing solutions make it easier for you to get to market faster with quality parts.

Experts Behind Tech

Across technologies, from injection molding to PolyJet 3D printing, businesses benefit from engineers and manufacturing experts overseeing projects from 3D CAD data to post-processing. At Stratasys Direct, we have the benefit of engineers with decades of experience and resources from our parent company Stratasys, true pioneers of 3D printing.  

By working with a service provider on the cutting-edge of what’s possible in manufacturing, your product has the chance to increase efficiencies, improve performance, and expedite time-to-market. We seek new production methods, materials and processes that can further optimize and enhance manufacturing capabilities and constantly find new ways to provide value-added opportunities that may have not been originally considered. This includes proprietary build methods for our investment casting patterns and material development for additive manufacturing like MONEL® K500

Excellent Service, Every Time 

The latest products on the market are designed with increased complexities and effectiveness for the end-user. These designs require a service provider with the capacity to take on your next project or program, and the guarantee of helpful staff and dependable delivery. 

From prototyping to production runs, our advanced manufacturing solutions make it easier for you to get to market faster with quality parts. We serve tens of thousands of customers at all stages of product development with project engineers at the ready to help with projects from start to finish. 

Reliable Quality

Quality assurance is more than just following the rules; it’s a promise of thorough attention to detail, every time. Rigorous quality controls ensure your products get to market at their absolute best. If you need to deliver consistently excellent products, you want to utilize a service providers with the required quality certifications and registrations for your industry.  

With quality certifications ISO 9001 and AS9100 and ITAR registration, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing is committed to delivering the best parts on the market with complete process controls. We work hard to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of a stringent system that ensures superb process controls and traceability of all parts produced in our facilities. 

Choosing the Right Supplier

To maintain competitive edge, businesses to need stay at the forefront of manufacturing methods. You can employ the unique capabilities of Stratasys Direct’s 3D printing and advanced manufacturing services for part production and can collaborate with our material and process experts to develop truly customized answers to your project’s challenges. 

Learn more about our services and solutions for your business. 


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