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3D Printed Bone Models | Sonoma Case Study | Stratasys Direct

3D printing offered a viable, cost-effective solution to recreating accurate models with repeatable bone fracture types for multiple training scenarios.

3D Printed Brain Models | Walter E. Dandy Case Study | Stratasys Direct

Neurosurgeon study compares 3D printing against traditional training methodologies such as cadavers, foam models, and other conventional practices.

3D Printed Car with FDM | KOR EcoLogic Case Study | Stratasys Direct

KOR's Urbee is the very first car built completely with additive manufacturing technology, designed to be aerodynamic and as green as possible.

3D Printed Check Fixtures | TS Tech Case Study | Stratasys Direct

How we developed a hybrid check fixture in two weeks for the world's sixth-largest interior component manufacturer, TS Tech Co., Ltd.

3D Printed Fuel Tank | Lockheed Martin Case Study | Stratasys Direct

Lockheed Martin and Stratasys Direct Manufacturing teamed up to create a fuel tank simulation for a new satellite design. Read the case study here.

3D Printed Jigs & Fixtures: Production Floor Solution | Stratasys Direct

The improvements offered by 3D printed jigs and fixtures can add up to major advantages for your company with reduced lead times and cost savings.

3D Printed Maternal Fetal Simulator | CAE Case Study | Stratasys Direct

To create the highly complex, integrated model, 3D printing and subtractive CNC machining was critical for full realization of all simulations.

3D Printed Metal Ratchet Wrench is Better than Your Dad’s| Stratasys Direct

A recent application of DMLS looks to transform one essential element of your toolbox: the wrench.

3D Printed Metal Surgical Tool | DanaMed Case Study | Stratasys Direct

Dr. Piasecki set out to improve the success rate of ACL reconstruction by modifying the standard surgical technique using a 3D printed metal surgical tool.

3D Printed San Francisco Opera Chandelier| Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

San Francisco Opera has a beautiful iconic chandelier which, thanks to some quick 3D printing, you can now buy in jewelry form.

3D Printed Satellite Exterior | NASA Case Study | Stratasys Direct

The FORMOSAT-7/COSMIC-2 mission will operate exterior, functional 3D printed parts in space for the first time in history.

3D Printed Surgical Tool Transforms ACL Reconstruction

DanaMed collaboration brought its breakthrough Pathfinder ACL device to market using additive metals and DMLS technology to manufacture the metal tool.

3D Printed Trophies | Rapid + TCT 2018 Preview | Stratasys Direct

Our 3D printed trophies for Rapid + TCT 2018, one of the biggest additive manufacturing shows in the business

3D Printed Water Bottles | HydraKlick Case Study | Stratasys Direct

Long-time runner, Jim deBeers, turned to additive manufacturing when designing his new hands-free water bottle for runners, the HydraKlick® Solo 8TM.

3D Printing & Foundries | Investment Casting Patterns | Stratasys Direct

Metal casting at foundries is a centuries old manufacturing process that can be significantly impacted by the benefits of 3d printing.

3D Printing A Balanced Design | Design Services | Stratasys Direct

The four factors that must be in conjunction with one another for a balanced design: size, layer resolution, wall thickness and orientation.

3D Printing a Prototype: Top 3 Things to Consider | Stratasys Direct

Engineers and designers looking to take advantage of 3D printing for prototyping should consider these key considerations before getting started.

3D Printing Aircraft Interiors | Aerospace 3D Printing | Stratasys Direct

The use of additive manufacturing for aircraft interiors continues to be a primary application for the aerospace industry.

3D Printing an FDM Robot | Gui Cavalcanti Case Study | Stratasys Direct

With the help of several makers, students, designers and engineers, the first iteration of the 21st Century Robot named Jimmy came to life.

3D Printing Automotive Fixtures | MAHLE Case Study | Stratasys Direct

Automotive parts supplier MAHLE gets up to speed on the full capabilities and associated benefits of 3D printing fixtures.

3D Printing Costs: 7 Ways to Save, Increase Efficiency | Stratasys Direct

Save time and money on any 3D printing project with these 7 tips. With Stratasys Direct's expertise, you can optimize your part at the best possible price.

3D Printing Expands Efficiencies in Traditional Manufacturing | Stratasys Direct

Streamline conventional manufacturing processes and cost-effectively bring your product to market faster with additive manufacturing and cross-technologies.

3D Printing FDM Auto Parts | NASCAR Case Study | Stratasys Direct

When Joe Gibbs needed automotive racing parts tough enough to withstand competition & attractive enough to do their team’s sponsors proud, they came to us.

3D Printing FDM Nylon 12CF | Onewheel Skating | Stratasys Direct

Designed and made in California, Onewheel 3D prints high-quality components, including carbon fiber parts, to create a strong and reliable product.

3D Printing Fiber Layup Molds | Stratasys Direct

Producing molds and masters with FDM or PolyJet technology addresses the challenges of traditional manufacturing methods.

3D Printing Heart Models | TCAI Case Study | Stratasys Direct

Hearts can be 3D printed and delivered to physicians in hours, enabling physicians to study models before performing open-heart surgery on a patient.

3D Printing High Power Rocketry | Aerospace 3D Printing | Stratasys Direct

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) coupled with a higher performance aerospace quality material, we built booster fins, the aft body structure and tailcone for our high power rocket.

3D Printing Housings and Enclosures | Housings and Enclosures | Stratasys Direct

Get to market faster and easier with Urethane Casting and 3D printing technologies for housings and enclosures.

3D Printing Improves Porsche Engine | Case Study | Stratasys Direct

We assisted 928 Motorsports in developing LS intake runners for testing and final production to outperform stock runners in the Porsche 928 engine.

3D Printing in Energy, Oil and Gas Industry | Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

3D printed parts are being utilized by the energy sector to harness the natural resources of our planet.

3D Printing in the Movies | Stratasys Direct

A few myths Hollywood has perpetuated about 3D printing and the real-life applications utilized by movie makers.

3D Printing Luxury Car Parts | Ai Design Case Study | Stratasys Direct

Each luxury vehicle has very unique engineering and design, from the engine to the interior. This poses a challenge for creating new, customized features.

3D Printing Master Patterns for Urethane Casting | Stratasys Direct

Cast urethane molding is an efficient, cost-effective way to produce 100 to 1,000 end use parts in advanced formula polyurethanes.

3D Printing Master Patterns for Urethane Casting | Stratasys Direct

CNC machined master patterns are preferred over 3D printed patterns when it is necessary to produce more than one or two molds and/ or to meet stricter dimensional tolerances.

3D Printing Material Selection: 5 Considerations | Stratasys Direct

It can be difficult to determine which material fits the profile for your project - these considerations and our Material Wizard are here to help.

3D Printing Materials for Production Parts | Stratasys Direct

Read our breakdown of 3D printing materials that fulfill production part requirements.

3D Printing Medical Devices | Kablooe Case Study | Stratasys Direct

Kablooe needed a cost-effective way to build, test, redesign and repeat. For this kind of breakthrough prototyping, FDM was just what the doctor ordered.

3D Printing Muscle Car Parts | Equus Case Study | Stratasys Direct

Equus Automotive teamed up with Stratasys Direct Manufacturing to aid in the manufacturing of the prototype / pre-production BASS770.

3D Printing Parts Faster | Stratasys Direct

When time is of the essence on a 3D printing project, expedite your project turnaround by considering these key steps.

3D Printing Photopolymer Parts | PolyJet, SLA | Stratasys Direct

Discover the key considerations and the advantages of working with photopolymers and their related 3D printing technologies.

3D Printing Price: Top Factors | Stratasys Direct

What determines the price of 3D printing services? Part size and geometry understandably affect price, but there are other details that can alter the price of your parts.

3D Printing Spare Parts | Additive Manufacturing | Stratasys Direct

Ensure the availability of spare parts for your customers and reduce lead times and costs associated with large and obsolete inventories with 3D printing.

3D Printing Stand Up Paddle Boarding Propeller | Stratasys Direct

This new propeller provides users with improved run times and top speeds thanks to the optimized hydrodynamic design.

3D Printing Technologies Comparison: Multi Jet Fusion vs. Selective Laser Sintering| Stratasys Direct

SLS has been in market since 1992 and MJF has just come on the scene in recent years, but both technologies offer unique value points to customers.

3D Printing Technology and Material: 7 Questions to Ask | Stratasys Direct

To help you start to filter certain 3D printing processes and materials, we put together a selection methodology

3D Printing Thomas Jefferson with FDM | Case Study | Stratasys Direct

Thomas Jefferson was a large figure in American history. He also proved to be a large figure in the Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D Production System.

3D Printing Transforming Aircraft Interiors | Aerospace 3D Printing | Stratasys Direct

As more and more airlines seek to add seats or increase passenger space, 3D printing offers a way to simplify parts.

3D Printing UAV's | Aerospace 3D Printing | Stratasys Direct

With the design freedom allowing for part consolidation and lighter parts, 3D printing has significantly contributed to the development of UAV’s and their latest applications.

3D Printing with Stereolithography | 3D Printing Video | Stratasys Direct

Learn more about Stereolithography's process and common applications.

3D Printing with Thermoplastics | Key Considerations | Stratasys Direct

Learn about the differences between injection molding thermoplastics and thermoplastics used in 3D printing processes, including key design considerations.

3D Printing With ULTEM™ 9085 CG Resin | Stratasys Direct

ULTEM™ 9085 CG resin is a high-performance thermoplastic suited for high-requirement projects.

3D Printing's Impact on the Supply Chain | Infographic | Stratasys Direct

The future of 3D printing lies in it's impact on the supply chain. This is an illustrated look at the traditional vs. 3D printing supply chain.

3D Printing's Impact on the Value Chain | White Paper | Stratasys Direct

3D printed jigs & fixtures open up new possibilities on manufacturing-floor productivity. Read this whitepaper to learn more about the advantages.

3D Printing's Impact on the Value Chain | White Paper | Stratasys Direct

Learn how 3D printing is revolutionizing the value chain in Stratasys Direct Manufacturing's new white paper. Download it now!

4 Reasons To Use A 3D Printing Service Bureau | Stratasys Direct

Owning a 3D printer and outsourcing don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Check out these four considerations for when to use a 3D printing service bureau.

5 Misconceptions About the Cost of Metal 3D Printing

We’ve broken down five misconceptions of what affects the pricing of additive metal parts and what to focus on to ensure cost-effective parts.

5 Reasons PolyJet is Perfect for Prototyping | Stratasys Direct

PolyJet is an ideal 3D printing technology for quick delivery of accurate and highly cosmetic prototypes.

5 Unstoppable Industries Using Additive Manufacturing | Stratasys Direct

There are five industries in particular where the amazing capabilities of additive manufacturing have transformed production.

737 Scale Model Uses Laser Sintering to Fly | Area-1 Case Study | Stratasys Direct

Created by Area-I in Georgia, PTERA is the unmanned Prototype-Technology Evaluation and Research Aircraft yielding inexpensive flight research for commercial aircraft and NASA, and it’s using 3D printing in a few instrumental ways.

Add Additive Manufacturing To Your Business Model | Stratasys Direct

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing offers customized manufacturing solutions for your company by evaluating your operations and identifying opportunities.

Additive Manufacturing in Aerospace | Infographic | Stratasys Direct

Check out this infographic for an overview of additive manufacturing and 3D printing in aerospace including the benefits and some common applications.

Additive Manufacturing Metal | Webinar Replay | Stratasys Direct

Learn how we achieved process repeatability with additive metals and Direct Metal Laser Sintering in our latest webinar.

Additive Manufacturing Metal Parts | Ensuring Quality | Stratasys Direct

Learn how we ensure superior quality additive metal parts through precision machining, finishing, in-house quality controls, and job tracking.

Additive Manufacturing Metals | Infographic | Stratasys Direct

Check out this infographic for an overview of additive metals including statistics, benefits and common industry applications.

Agilus30 for Stronger, More Flexbile PolyJet Parts | 3D Printing Materials | Stratasys Direct

To enhance parts and medical models that utilize the flexible capabilities of PolyJet, Stratasys Direct now offers Agilus30.

AM Case Study: Hanwha Power Systems | Stratasys Direct

Manufacturing complex energy applications with state-of-the-art metal 3D printing.

AM Improves Prototyping Urethane Foam Parts | Stratasys Direct

Whether you have one-off prototypes or quantities in the hundreds, pairing low-volume urethane foam part production with FDM tools can provide you with the many benefits.

An Easy Way to Add Inserts into FDM 3D Printed Parts | Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

Assembled FDM components can benefit from hardware added in the middle of the build.

Benefits of CNC Machining FDM Parts | Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

CNC Machining FDM parts has proved to be another tool 3D printing customers can take advantage of for optimized and dimensional accuracy.

Best 3D Printing Technology | 3D Printing Services | Stratasys Direct

The differences between 3D printing technologies can influence parts significantly. These 7 questions will help you identify the process for your project.

Best Practices for Optimizing Your CAD Designs and Converting to STL for FDM| Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

For most additive manufacturing processes, the data from your Computer Aided Design (CAD) file must be exported to an STL file in order to build the part. Preparing for this export is a crucial step in applying the benefits of additive manufacturing to your project and in maximizing the functionality of your 3D printed parts.

CAD Output for FDM | 3D Printing White Paper | Stratasys Direct

Your CAD files tell the story of your part. It is important to prepare your files for export to ensure quality is maintained from CAD to final part.

Case Study: 3D Printing Drums | Stratasys Direct

Panic! At The Disco drummer Dan Pawlovich tours the world with a 3D printed snare drum.

Cast Urethane Design Considerations | Stratasys Direct

Urethane casting can execute complicated features seamlessly and provide end use parts faster than conventional means can achieve.

CNC Machining vs. 3D Printing for Production Parts | Stratasys Direct

When pursuing low-volume production, 3D printing and CNC machining are both valid options. But which manufacturing method is best for your project?

CNC Machining: How Design Affects Cost | Stratasys Direct

CNC machining can be an efficient manufacturing method but may lose cost-effectiveness if key design details aren’t well balanced. Check out our tips for optimized, cost-efficient designs.

Color 3D Printing | Realistic Concept Models Fast | Stratasys Direct

Ideal for consumer prototypes and anatomical models, PolyJet Multi-Color brings projects to life.

Design Guide: PolyJet Multi-Color | Color 3D Printing | Stratasys Direct

Design guidelines providing instructions for design considerations, including file exporting procedures & color selection for polyjet multi-color parts.

Design Next-Generation Products | Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

Our advanced manufacturing services make the design process easy, with rapid prototyping, thorough Design Guidelines and helpful Design Services.

Design Services | Infographic | Stratasys Direct

Check out this infographic for an overview of manufacturing solutions offered by our Design Services.

Designing With Photopolymers | 3D Printing Materials | Stratasys Direct

Since the general properties of photopolymers widely vary, it is important to know which type of material is right for your model.

Direct Metal Laser Sintering | 3D Printing Video | Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

Discover the steps involved in 3D printing metal with Direct Metal Laser Sintering technology.

Discover New Solutions for Developing Products | Stratasys Direct

Whether the idea is to solve a problem or improve upon a previous product, engineers start with research to inform their product development.

DMLM Design Guidelines | Direct Metal Laser Melting | Stratasys Direct

These guidelines are to be used as a starting point in understanding the basic aspects of part design and preparation for DMLM

DMLM Design Tips Sheet | Metal 3D Printing | Stratasys Direct

Download this design tip sheet to learn: DMLM standard tolerances, tips for angles and self-supporting features, material selection guide, processing steps for DMLM parts.

DMLM vs. DMLS | Metal 3D Printing | Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

Confused about the difference between the terms DMLS and DMLM when it comes to metal 3D printing? We’ve answered some FAQ’s around the difference of each.

DMLS Process Controls | Metal 3D Printing White Paper | Stratasys Direct

Whitepaper describes how to design for DMLS, the design freedom that can be achieved and how to control for the additive metals process.

Electroplating: Making FDM & PolyJet Parts Shine | Stratasys Direct

The added strength and aesthetics of electroplated parts lend themselves well to functional prototyping and end use applications. And electroplating is just one of a number of finishing services we offer at Stratasys Direct Manufacturing to help you perfect your part.

Expert Engineering & 3D Printing | Design Services | Stratasys Direct

Making a quality 3D printed part takes more than just a machine. It takes a responsive engineering team behind the technology working to ensure quality.

FDM Antero™ 800NA & New Opportunities for Chemical Resistant 3D Printed Parts | Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

FDM Antero™ 800NA solves manufacturing challenges with excellent mechanical properties and high chemical resistance.

FDM Architecture Model | Detroit Case Study | Stratasys Direct

3D printing is playing an integral part in rebuilding one of America’s greatest cities and injecting life into the new Detroit Red Wings arena.

FDM Improves On Investment Casting | Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

Investment casting patterns can be made faster and with less expense with additive manufacturing technologies like Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM).

FDM NASA N+3 Model | Aurora Case Study | Stratasys Direct

A major part of the project is the assessment of aerodynamics, propulsion, operations and structure to ensure the full spectrum of concept improvements.

FDM Nylon 12CF for 3D Printing Production Parts | Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

FDM Nylon 12CF is ideal for 3D printing production parts and functional prototyping in high-requirement applications.

FDM Pro | Solution Brief | Stratasys Direct

This solution delivers high-quality ULTEM™ 9085 resin parts produced with industry-leading Stratasys hardware and backed by material and process traceability for high-requirements production manufacturing. Stratasys Direct is proud to bring you FDM Pro with ULTEM™ 9085 CG resin.

FDM Prototyping Automotive | Clemson Case Study | Stratasys Direct

BMW required a cost-efficient, low-volume manufacturing plan for the Deep Orange 4, which targeted a niche market of performance-oriented SUV customers.

FDM Robots 3D Printed for NASA | Wyle Case Study | Stratasys Direct

ASA needs robots to do the jobs in space that humans can’t. That’s why our customer Wyle Laboratories designed and 3D printed Robonaut 2.

FDM Soluble Cores Simplify Production of Composite Parts | Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

Wrap composite material around a core made out of FDM soluble material, which dissolves in a water-based solution.

FDM Space Station Freezer | UAB CBSE Case Study | Stratasys Direct

3D printing in the Space Station was critical in creating solutions for the ISS freezer. Read our case study today.

FDM vs. PolyJet | 3D Printing Technology Comparison | Stratasys Direct

How do you know which one is right for your parts? In order to better understand your options, it is important to know how each process works.

Finishing 3D Printed Products | Finishing & Assembly | Stratasys Direct

As you choose the materials & technology for your product, we can provide guidance on which finishing options can help you realize your product objectives.

Finishing for FDM & PolyJet | 3D Printing White Paper | Stratasys Direct

The Fused Deposition Modeling finishing process changes a part's properties. Secondary operations turn these raw parts into finished goods.

First Offering of its Kind Equips Manufacturers to Take Advantage of the Disruptive Power of 3D Printing

Professional Services provides consultative services to companies looking to incorporate the benefits of additive manufacturing for its business.

Five 3D Printing Tips To Save You Time | Article | Stratasys Direct

Don’t let the complexity of 3D printing slow down your project goals. Get to market quickly with these five 3D printing tips to save you time.

Five Steps To Mass Production | Injection Molding | Stratasys Direct

Beginning mass production doesn’t have to be a scary leap into the unknown. We’re highly experienced in bringing products to market successfully.

Foam Cast Urethane Process Wins Golden Mousetrap | Stratasys Direct

Our new method creates foam parts faster using 3D printed molds built with Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) and ABS thermoplastic.

From Prototypes to Production| Stratasys Direct

Stratasys Direct's experts and advanced manufacturing solutions will take your design from prototype to final production part.

Fused Deposition Modeling | Design Guide | Stratasys Direct

These guidelines are to be used as a starting point in understanding the basic aspects of part design and preparation for Fused Deposition Modeling.

Fused Deposition Modeling: How It Works | Video | Stratasys Direct

Learn about the unrivaled strength and accuracy of FDM, and how it's speed and materials are utilized across industries from aerospace to energy.

Guide: How To Design Parts For PolyJet 3D Printing | Stratasys Direct

Design guidelines providing instructions for design considerations, including file exporting procedures & color selection for polyjet parts.

How 3D Printed Concept Models Enhance Marketing | Stratasys Direct

Low cost and quick to produce, 3D printed concept models serve marketing programs like photoshoots for ad creative or tradeshows and sales efforts.

How 3D Printing Fits into Product Development | Stratasys Direct

At Stratasys Direct Manufacturing we offer comprehensive services at key stages of the product development life cycle that service designers and engineers as they transform their concepts into amazing products.

How To Choose 3D Printing Materials | White Paper | Stratasys Direct

The best 3D printing material options are growing, bridging gaps in prototype and end-use production. Read our white paper to navigate the landscape.

How to Optimize a Quote for Engineers| Design Services | Stratasys Direct

Helpful information and general rules of thumb for the design process to optimize 3D printing quotes.

How To Prepare STL Files | 3D Printing Tutorial | Stratasys Direct

STL is the standard file type used by most additive manufacturing (or 3D printing) systems. STL is a triangulated representation of a 3D CAD model.

ID Light: Create Lighter 3D Printed Parts Faster | Stratasys Direct

ID-Light is a proprietary build style that features a scaffolding-like internal structure, available with both Stereolithography and FDM.

Infographic: What Is Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printing? | Stratasys Direct

Multi Jet Fusion is an advanced 3D printing technology that utilizes powdered nylon material and a unique build styling including fusing and detailing agents.

Injection Molding Design Guidelines [2019 Update] | Stratasys Direct

25 to 10,000+ Parts Shipped in 1 to 15 days. Molds Start at $1,495. ISO 9001:2008 Certified. Fast & Easy Custom Injection Molding Quotes Available. ISO Certified. Services: Molding, Engineering. We Design/Manufacture Molded Thermoplastic Parts to Your Specs.

Introducing GrabCAD Workbench | 3D Print Ordering | Stratasys Direct

GrabCAD Workbench is completely free to use across your organization and teams. Break down walls and collaborate with your team anytime and anywhere.

Investment Casting Design Guidelines | Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

Investment Casting allows customers to produce functional metal prototypes at a third of the cost and in 10% of the time of traditional methods.

Investment Casting the PAC 12 Trophy | Case Study | Stratasys Direct

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing utilized their 3D printing investment casting pattern process to create the PAC 12 championship trophy.

Laser Sintered ECS Ducts | Bell Helicopter Case Study | Stratasys Direct

Bell Helicopter turned to us for the production of several components of ECS ducting with Laser Sintering and reaped cost savings and weight reduction.

Laser Sintered Motorcycle Parts | SLS Case Study | Stratasys Direct

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing built a 3D printed motorcycle with Mission Motors, bridging high-performance motorsports and green technology.

Laser Sintering Accuracy Study | Design Guidelines | Stratasys Direct

A report showing a month of prototype output from Stratasys Direct Manufacturing Austin showing distinctions about parts built with LS technology.

Laser Sintering Design Tips: Holes | Selective Laser Sintering | Stratasys Direct

To achieve a hole using Laser Sintering, there’s no drilling required.

Laser Sintering Design Tips: Incorporating Text | Selective Laser Sintering | Stratasys Direct

Discover the optimal text size and font and better understand how text resolves for Laser Sintering 3D printing

Laser Sintering Design Tips: Wall Thickness | Selective Laser Sintering | Stratasys Direct

We’re sharing our trade knowledge on wall thickness to help you on your way to optimum LS builds.

Laser Sintering UAV Aviation Fuel Tanks | Case Study | Stratasys Direct

Advanced Ceramics Research designed a 3D printed UAV to provide low cost aerial surveillance imaging. Read how we helped in this case study.

Laser Sintering: How It Works | 3D Printing Video | Stratasys Direct

Discover how Laser Sintering uses a CO2 laser to heat and fuse thermoplastic powder to build production parts and prototypes.

Making 3D Print Orders Easier | Enhanced 3D Print Ordering | Stratasys Direct

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our services, so we’ve developed enhanced online ordering for rapid prototyping.

Making it Better| 3D Printing Video | Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

Making your part its best takes more than just a machine. It takes a team of attentive experts behind the technology, working to validate processes and collaborate with you.

Making Production Parts with Multi Jet Fusion | Stratasys Direct

After months of careful validation of the technology in our robust manufacturing facilities, we’re excited to offer Multi Jet Fusion for production parts.

Making Rapid Prototyping Better with 3D Printing Services | Stratasys Direct

The journey from concept to successful product can be fraught with obstacles. Utilizing a 3D printing service enables product designers to remove the guesswork from their prototyping process.

Making Your Parts Better in a Changing Manufacturing Landscape | Stratasys Direct

At Stratasys Direct Manufacturing, we promise three key areas of excellence: expertise, service and quality. Backed by our robust production capabilities and decades in manufacturing, we’re able to deliver projects on-time at the best possible quality.

Manufacturing Over-Molded Designs | 3D Printing | Stratasys Direct

Wherever you are in your design process, you’re not limited in manufacturing solutions. Learn more about designing over-molded parts.

Manufacturing Parts with 3D Printing| 3D Printing Video | Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

You want to get your products in front of target markets right away, and we want to help. Our 3D printing and finishing services help you to quickly create custom, complex production parts.

Metal Additive Manufacturing Myths | IMTS 2018 Preview | Stratasys Direct

This year at the IMTS 2018 Conference, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing is combatting the preconceived notions on DMLS powder reuse.

Multi Jet Fusion Design Guidelines | 3D Printing | Stratasys Direct

Multi Jet Fusion offers expanded possibilities for 3D printed production parts. Create complex geometries in durable nylon faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.

Muse Cell Analyzer | EMD Millipore Case Study | Stratasys Direct

Millipore’s challenge was to manufacture the Muse in time for a pre-production product launch prior to injection molding and tooling.

Neri Oxman Uses FDM Technology To 3D Print Art | Stratasys Direct

In Neri Oxman's nature-inspired art installation Aquahoja I, she has utilized Stratasys 3D printing technology in new, inspiring ways.

New Advancements in 3D Printing Medical Models | Stratasys Direct

The medical industry is rapidly embracing the cutting-edge production of 3D printed anatomical models for bettering patient outcomes.

New in 3D Printing Photopolymers: Digital ABS Plus™ | Stratasys Direct

Digital ABS Plus significantly improves the mechanical performance of parts and prototypes for design verification and functional performance testing.

New in 3D Printing Thermoplastic Polyurethane: FDM® TPU 92A Elastomer | Stratasys Direct

Prototype high functioning, durable and complex parts with similar material properties found in an elastomeric material with FDM TPU 92A.

New in Metal 3D Printing: Copper | Blog | Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

The latest material available in 3D printing is Copper (C18150) specifically developed by Stratasys Direct to fill the void in the AM market.

New Production Solution: FDM Pro | Stratasys Direct

FDM Pro utilizes ULTEM™ 9085 CG resin to deliver mechanically enhanced ULTEM™ 9085 resin parts with the repeatability necessitated by high-requirements industries.

PC-ISO Combines Strength and Safety for FDM Medical Applications | FDM 3D Printing | Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing processes like Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) have the materials to meet medical safety requirements.

Planning Ahead: Next Step in Product Development | Stratasys Direct

During the planning phase of the product development life cycle, our prototyping services and manufacturing expertise will help you prepare to move into mass production.

Plastic 3D Printing Materials Guide: 10 Most Popular Additive Plastics

To help streamline the “let’s get it done” projects, we’ve compiled a list of our most popular materials and their reliable properties.

PolyJet 3D Printing Antique Car Parts | Case Study | Stratasys Direct

To bring the an antique auto back to life, our customer needed an affordable way to build custom dies. PolyJet 3D printing technology was the solution.

PolyJet: How It Works | 3D Printing Video | Stratasys Direct

Discover how PolyJet 3D printing creates detailed, beautiful parts faster than any other technology at Stratasys Direct Manufacturing.

Product Development Life Cycle | Ebooks | Stratasys Direct

An ebook that discusses each stage of product development and how our expansive solutions assist companies as they move through the life cycle.

Product Development Life Cycle Video | Design | Stratasys Direct

3D printing enables designers and engineers to envision detailed, complex geometries for next-generation parts. Here's what that looks like.

Product Development Life Cycle Video | Discover | Stratasys Direct

We offer key resources, including design guidelines, white papers and other services to help you advance your idea and develop your product.H ere's what that looks like.

Product Development Life Cycle Video | Plan | Stratasys Direct

We offer a range of services to help choose manufacturing methods and plan for your application. Here's what that looks like.

Product Development Life Cycle Video | Produce | Stratasys Direct

Our 3D printing services offer production runs with technologies that utilize thermoplastics and metals. Here's what that looks like.

Product Development Life Cycle Video | Replenish | Stratasys Direct

Part suppliers can simply send digital files to Stratasys Direct and access large manufacturing capacities for spare parts. Here's what that looks like.

Production 3D Printing in the Product Development Life Cycle | Stratasys Direct

In industries like aerospace, medical, transportation and consumer products, additive manufacturing has increasingly become a production solution for top companies.

Prototype Finishing: 3D Printed, Urethane Cast & Machined Parts | Finishing & Assembly | Stratasys Direct

We’ve compiled a few finishing examples which best relay the options open to you for your 3D printed, machined or cast part.

Prototype Finishing: 3D Printed, Urethane Cast & Machined Parts | Stratasys Direct

Engineers and designers looking to take advantage of 3D printing for prototyping should consider these key considerations before getting started.

Prototyping a New Watch Design| Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing aids in the prototype of a complex watch from Devon.

Prototyping for Babes: Mom Entrepreneur Uses 3D Printing to Begin Business| Stratasys Direct

Entrepreneur used 3D printing to determine the functionality, look and feel of a baby bottle design.

Reasons to Use FDM Tools for Paper Pulp Molding | Stratasys Direct

Nanufacturers have discovered Fused Deposition Modeling as an alternative production process for paper pulp molding.

Reinventing the Spoon: Prototyping to Perfection| Stratasys Direct

The NumNum Dip encourages the progression of necessary motor skills without requiring the baby to jump from zero utensil handling to debutante-ready motions.

Replenishing Inventory: 3D Printing and the Last Stage of the Product Development Life Cycle | Stratasys Direct

The on-demand approach of 3D printing allows businesses to provide products and spare parts as-ordered and eliminates the need for large inventories.

Selective Laser Sintering | Design Guide | Stratasys Direct

Discover key design considerations for the Selective Laser Sintering process.

Selective Laser Sintering Insider's Guide | White Paper | Stratasys Direct

In this white paper, we've compiled some of the most important design considerations for any Laser Sintering project to help you guide your design.

Selective Laser Sintering vs. FDM | 3D Printing Parts | Stratasys Direct

Learn the advantages and differences between LS and FDM technology and discover the best process for your project.

Soft Tooling vs. Hard Tooling | Urethane Casting | Stratasys Direct

Consider cast urethanes as an economical manufacturing method as you move into the final stages of product development.

SolidWorks: Translate 3D CAD Files Into STL Files | Stratasys Direct

Our programmers have confided in us a few of the best recommendations for .STL file exportation from 3D CAD files in SolidWorks.

Sparse Fill vs. Solid FDM Parts | Stratasys Direct

Learn the top benefits of sparse fill vs. solid FDM 3D printed parts.

Stereolithography Anti-Gravity Cup | IRPI Case Study | Stratasys Direct

To create a drinking cup in microgravity, IRPI looked to 3D printing to solve what appeared to be an insurmountable challenge.

Stereolithography Design Guide | SLA 3D Printing | Stratasys Direct

Design guidelines providing instructions for design considerations, including file exporting procedures & color selection for stereolithography parts.

Stereolithography Dream Team | Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

Build 3D printed parts with newer and advanced SL materials through a collaboration with Somos.

Stereolithography Predicts Product Life | FLIR Case Study | Stratasys Direct

Thermal imaging company, FLIR, uses Stereolithography to test design and function, determine strengths and weaknesses, calculate market interest and lengthen the life of their products.

Stereolithography vs. PolyJet | Top 4 Differences | Stratasys Direct

Knowing the differences will lead you to the best process choice for your project. Here are the top four differences between PolyJet and Stereolithography.

Stereolithography: How It Works | 3D Printing Video | Stratasys Direct

Hear firsthand from Stratasys Direct Manufacturing experts why they’re excited about Stereolithography and why it is a valuable rapid prototyping tool.

Stratasys Direct Adds Metals Capacity With VELO3D’s Sapphire Printer

Laser fusion system empowers customers to tackle increasingly complex projects – pushing the boundaries of metal 3D printing.

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing Partners With Somos® To Accelerate Stereolithography Material Innovation

Somos partnership offers new, customized materials for stereolithography (SL) that provides material properties to support distinct applications.

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing Selected By Airbus To 3D Print Polymer Serial Flying A350 XWB Parts

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing has been chosen by Airbus to produce 3D printed polymer parts for use on A350 XWB aircraft.

Streamline Subtractive Manufacturing Processes | Stratasys Direct

Streamline conventional manufacturing processes and cost-effectively bring your product to market faster with additive manufacturing and cross-technologies.

Students Learn to Build Drones via 3D Printing | Aerospace 3D Printing | Stratasys Direct

To galvanize creativity in engineering and sciences, Kashmir Robotics has a new challenge for young students: Build a Drone.

Super Bowl Shoes: Superior Performance Leveraged Through 3D Printing | Stratasys Direct

3D printing plays an unprecedented role in the innovative cleats worn by Super Bowl football players.

The Product Development Life Cycle | Infographic | Stratasys Direct

Stratasys Direct's expertise and manufacturing capabilities offer solutions for every stage of the product development life cycle.

Three Mistakes to Avoid when Designing for Injection Molding | Stratasys Direct

This article details three mistakes designers should avoid for successful injection molded parts.

Top 10 Things to Consider When Prototyping | Stratasys Direct

It is important to understand the many aspects that go into 3D printing in order to select the right material and machine to construct your part.

Top Challenges To Widespread 3D Printing Adoption | Stratasys Direct

What challenges are holding additive manufacturing back from widespread adoption? We set out to find the answer through our recent industry survey.

Top Five Reasons to 3D Print Jigs & Fixtures | Stratasys Direct

Manufacturing tools can be 3D printed more quickly and less expensively than traditional manufacturing methods, lowering the threshold to revamp your production floor.

Transforming the Supply Chain | 3D Printing Services | Stratasys Direct

The future of manufacturing includes integrating additive manufacturing into the traditional supply chain to move into the future.

Understanding 3D Printing Metal Material Nuances | Stratasys Direct

Each metal 3D printing material adds a unique range of mechanical properties to broaden perfect-fit applications.

Urethane Casting | Design Guidelines | Stratasys Direct

These guidelines are to be used as a starting point in understanding the basic aspects of part design and preparation for urethane casting.

Urethane Casting Aircraft Models | Case Study | Stratasys Direct

Artist Mark Reigelman utilized Stratasys Direct to urethane cast 900 detailed plane models for an impressive art installment at San Diego Airport.

Urethane Casting: How It Works | Video | Stratasys Direct

Watch our Technology Video to learn how urethane casting utilizes 3D printed master patterns to create economical, low volume parts and gets your product to market first.

Urethane Exercise Equipment | Star Trac Case Study | Stratasys Direct

When tooling deliveries were delayed, Star Trac turned to Stratasys Direct Manufacturing for production level quantities of urethane components.

Urethane Telemedicine Robots | InTouch Case Study | Stratasys Direct

3D printed medical robots are helping to deliver a connected healthcare network across the nation for better patient care. Read our case study.

Urethanes Casting Benefits from Prototypes to Production | Stratasys Direct

Urethane Casting with our proprietary evolutions addresses early challenges in the product development life cycle with strong and stable components.

Using a 3D Printing Service vs. Buying a 3D Printer | Stratasys Direct

Your business needs 3D printed parts. Do you buy a 3D printer or order parts through a 3D printing service provider?

Walk This Way: 3D Printing Drives New Advancements In Foot Orthotics

Patients become more independent, increasingly mobile, and highly active with 3D printing

What Is 3D Printing? | 3D Printing For Beginners Guide | Stratasys Direct

Read our 3D Printing starter guide to learn how 3D printers work. Videos, images, and articles to help you understand 3D Printing technologies.

What Is 3D Printing? | 3D Printing Video Tutorial | Stratasys Direct

3D printing doesn’t refer to one kind of manufacturing or technological process and therefore a well-rounded understanding requires an in-depth look into all available 3D printing systems.

When To CNC Machine Your 3D Printed Parts | Stratasys Direct

CNC machining is traditionally used to manufacture low volume, end-use parts, but it has also been adopted as a secondary process for additive manufacturing technology.

Where Stereolithography and PolyJet Applications Overlap | Stereolithography | Stratasys Direct

A list of the solutions engineers find ideal from both SL and PolyJet, along with corresponding materials, to help you choose the best 3D print process based on your need.