PolyJet Multi-Color Design Guidelines

PolyJet Multi-Color builds prototypes, models and other parts in full color, including gradients and graphic textures. These design guidelines provide instructions for specific design considerations, including file exporting procedures and color selection for multi-color parts.

There are two file formats utilized for multi-color PolyJet parts: STL or VRML. Use of either option depends on the part’s color and transparency needs. The file formats assign color and texture graphics to parts in unique ways.


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PolyJet Resources

walter e dandy

Surgical Simulation on 3D Printed Brain Models

Neurosurgical society improves patient outcomes with PolyJet brain models

Neurosurgical society improves patient outcomes with PolyJet brain models

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Stronger, More Flexible PolyJet Parts

Enhance PolyJet flexible parts with Agilus30

The 33.5 lb/in (6 kg/cm) tear strength of Agilus is twice as strong as the previous flexible material offered at Stratasys Direct.

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polyjet rapid prototypes

5 Reasons PolyJet is Perfect for Prototyping

We break down five reasons how PolyJet benefits designers and engineers.

PolyJet, with its outstanding abilities to produce parts rapidly and in precise detail, is an ideal 3D printing technology for quick delivery of accurate and highly cosmetic prototypes and concept models.

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How it Works: PolyJet

“To take what’s in your imagination and put it in your hands… It’s pure magic.”