Guide to 3D Printing Technologies

This comprehensive infographic gives a broad 3D printing technology overview, including a definition of what is 3D printing, a guide to types of 3D printing processes and the history of 3D printing. 

There are four primary types of 3D printing processes that have made significant impacts on the 3D printing industry. This 3D printing guide explains how these 3D printers work, the notable 3D printing materials associated with each process, and what kind of parts are produced with the technology. 

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3d printing guide

Bring to life complex, detailed projects with the unparalleled design freedom possible with 3D printing.

Produce custom parts quickly and cost-effectively with the simplified workflow of CAD data to 3D print. At Stratasys Direct we offer six 3D printing technologies ideal for rapid prototyping to production parts. Our expansive 3D printing services streamline product development with custom solutions for your project. 

This 3D printing technology overview highlights the 3D printing processes we offer, including:

3d printing guide

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