How it Works: Laser Sintering

Laser Sintering (LS) is used for real end-use parts manufacturing. It offers extensive and diverse material advantages including FAR. 25.853 rated materials for smoke and burn. LS is used in aerospace, automotive, medical, consumer, industrial design and architectural applications among many others.

Watch our Technology Video to learn how laser sintering utilizes layer by layer manufacturing to produce durable, heat and chemical resistant parts. Hear how:

  • The self-supporting powder builds complex parts which are easily removed from the build chamber without extensive labor to remove support material
  • Laser sintered parts can be post-processed with paint, gloss and dyes
  • Rigid and flexible part manufacturing
  • How laser sintering is the platform for free-form creativity


“You can make any design with any curves and undercuts; because it’s built in layers, it’s limitless.”