When Additive Meets Traditional Manufacturing

When 3D printing was gaining legitimacy in the manufacturing space, it appeared to be a new wave of innovation that threatened to majorly disrupt the tried-in-true technologies. Three decades later, traditional manufacturing is still here and generally more popular than additive production methods. While innovations are continuing in the 3D printing industry, the post-hype cycle has revealed an important fact: Additive technologies are key tools in the manufacturing tool-box.

So, which applications benefit from both conventional and 3D printing technology? When should an engineer explore the possibilities of using multiple technologies, and what are the cost benefits? What sort of outsourcing vs in-house manufacturing is needed to take full advantage of the multitude of tools available for modern manufacturing?

In this webinar, we explore these questions in more to help steer you and your team toward successful manufacturing.

a group of cars in an assembly line at a factory

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