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3D Printing's Impact on the Value Chain | White Paper | Stratasys Direct

Learn how 3D printing is revolutionizing the value chain in Stratasys Direct Manufacturing's new white paper. Download it now!

CAD Output for FDM | 3D Printing White Paper | Stratasys Direct

Your CAD files tell the story of your part. It is important to prepare your files for export to ensure quality is maintained from CAD to final part.

DMLS Process Controls | Metal 3D Printing White Paper | Stratasys Direct

Whitepaper describes how to design for DMLS, the design freedom that can be achieved and how to control for the additive metals process.

Finishing for FDM & PolyJet | 3D Printing White Paper | Stratasys Direct

The Fused Deposition Modeling finishing process changes a part's properties. Secondary operations turn these raw parts into finished goods.