Build Larger, Faster, and Lighter Than Ever with ID-Light

Offered only by Stratasys Direct Manufacturing, the ID-Light (Industrial Design Light) process is available with both Stereolithography (SL) and features a proprietary scaffolding-like internal structure under a solid surface exterior.

This combination allows printing of large, rigid, and accurate geometries at only 1/12th the weight and in a fraction of the time—making it an excellent specialized solution for large display models and lightweight fitment prototypes.

anatomical models
3D Print with ID-Light Using These Technologies

ID-Light SL

Ideal for non-structural appearance models, ID-Light SL builds faster, weighs less, and costs less than solid models built with Stereolithography. It also weighs less and has a better paint surface than 10 and 20lbs CNC Machining foam. ID-Light SL is regularly used to create large custom tradeshow marketing figures, architectural models, large detailed props for the entertainment industry, as well as art installation objects.

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ID-Light Benefits

stereolithography concept models


ID-Light uses a proprietary process that builds a hard outer shell encompassing a drainable scaffolding-like inner structure. The combination of these two elements makes for extremely lightweight models with a surface that lends itself for pristine cosmetic finish.

stereolithography rapid prototyping


Due to ID-Light’s inner scaffolding-like structure, the parts can be built much faster than solid, dense parts.

fused deposition modeling functional prototyping


ID-Light creates parts with a thin outer shell encasing an inner scaffolding-like structure with the same production thermoplastics you would find in injection molding for strong, lightweight models.