Investment Casting Patterns

Create functional metal parts nine times faster and at one third of the cost of using traditional wax or wood patterns with our specialized Investment Casting Pattern application. Our unique SC 1000 material was specifically developed for the Investment Casting Pattern process, and provides high green strength and greater accuracies with less material. This custom SL photopolymer, combined with a proprietary build style produces patterns that are fully drained, completely sealed, and significantly lighter than ordinary patterns, which means you gain a higher casting yield.

Investment Casting Patterns Overview

Benefits of Investment Casting Patterns

Pattern Assurance

Even the smallest crack or leak in a pattern’s surface will cause substandard castings, especially on large patterns built in multiple pieces. With our own sophisticated leak testing process, every pattern is checked and guaranteed to have a perfect, airtight seal.

Large Parts Done Right

You need every pattern—especially the largest ones—to be of the highest quality and delivered securely. We have over twenty years of experience taking on the large-scale projects no one else will—including those over seven feet in diameter. In addition, we are experts in custom assembly fixtures and large part packaging.

Optimal, Low-Cost Build Style

Achieve higher yields and lower operating costs from more durable patterns made with Stratasys Direct Manufacturing’s proprietary SC 1000 material. More stable than other materials, SC 1000 permits higher volume production, which saves you money. Combine that with our optimized build style, and the end result is Investment Casting Patterns with complete internal draining and superior final surface sealing.


You gain better on-time delivery with our large production capacity. We have over forty state-of-the-art SL systems at our disposal, including the largest SL machine on the market—all of which are regularly maintained to operate at peak performance.


3D Printed Investment Casting Pattern for the PAC 12 Trophy

The entire process of creating the 2011 PAC 12 Championship Trophy in such a short time period was a mixture of the creative intuition and passion of Archie Held, and the fast turn-around QuickCast process supplied by Stratasys Direct Manufacturing.


Investment Casting Patterns: Frequently Asked Questions

How large of investment casting patterns can you build?
Single pieces up to 25″ x 29″ x 21″, but we frequently produce much larger patterns by building in segments and joining the segments to produce a single, homogeneous pattern. Pattern size is limited only by how large a part any particular foundry can handle.
Are investment casting patterns lighter than other parts built with SL?
QuickCast patterns are up to 35% lighter than conventional patterns built using Stereolithography. This translates directly to higher yield in the casting process. Proportionately less ash is produced and thermal expansion forces are minimized during flash firing.
How thick do part walls have to be?
We can build patterns with walls as thin as 0.060”.

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