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Urethane Casting creates low volumes of production urethane parts using silicone molds. It is an ideal solution for molded parts on a short timeline, and the materials we use—Advanced Formula Polymers—offer an array of mechanical and thermal properties for a variety of applications. Urethane Casting gives companies a first-to-market advantage through the use of 3D printed quick-turn master patterns, quick curing silicone molds, and first shots within 7 – 10 business days allowing companies to get their products on shelves long before hard-tooling for traditional injection molding could be completed.

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Benefits of Urethane Casting

Accurate, Consistent, and Fast

When you need high quality, precise, and consistent parts—and you need them fast—Stratasys Direct Manufacturing has the solution. We offer innovative master pattern production, delivering consistency and quality in your cast components. We also operate the largest polymer casting enterprise in North America – both in terms of production capacity and part size capabilities, with the ability to deliver high-quality urethane parts.

The Power of Customization

With UL 94 V-0, FAR 25.853 and USP Class 6 materials readily available, you can forge ahead with clinical trials, product testing, alpha builds, beta builds, and low-volume production pieces.

Finishing Capabilities

We offer EMI and RFI shielding, cast-in-color with optical color matching production paint capability, fiber-reinforced castings, and complex over-molding. Inserts and mounting hardware can be cast directly into the polyurethane for ease-of-assembly and added strength.

Urethane Casting Applications

Urethane Casting is an excellent solution for low volume production parts you need fast. There are an array of Advanced Formula Polymers to meet industry-specific applications, including medical-grade and UL 94 V-0 flame rating for production applications.

Cast urethane medical device
  • Common applications include:
  • Low volume production parts
  • Alpha & Beta builds
  • Pre-production / Bridge to hard tooling parts
  • A-Rank vehicle components
  • Foam parts for aircraft and automotive interiors


EMD Millipore Uses Urethane Casting to Get Its Cell Analyzers to Market in Time

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing partnered with EMD Millipore Corporation to manufacture a new medical device using 3D printing for prototyping and urethane casting for the low volume production parts.



Advanced Formula Polymers (AFPs) will exceed your expectations for urethane casting for short-run production . We offer an unmatched selection of specially formulated materials to meet a wide array of applications.


Urethane Casting: Frequently Asked Questions

How many parts can you get from a single Urethane Casting mold?
It depends on several factors, but a Urethane Casting mold typically yields 15 to 25 parts. One factor that may reduce the lifespan of a mold is the geometry—sharp edges or deep undercuts tend to deteriorate more quickly. VolumeCast—a process that utilizes hybrid tooling and proprietary casting techniques—can have an extended mold life, up to between 35 and 75 units.
What is the largest size of a part can you cast in urethane?
The maximum size for a cast urethane part is approximately 1,000 cubic inches, but large parts can be reviewed on an individual basis to determine compatibility with our casting processes.
How soon can I expect to receive a urethane part after I place an order?
Upon receiving CAD data, typical cast urethane projects can be shipped in 7 to 10 days.

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