Urethane Casting

A shorter path to low volume production

Urethane Casting

Urethane Casting is an economical alternative to hard tooling using a soft platinum reinforced silicone tool.

QuantumCast is our proprietary, signature process which uses advanced formula polymers to create short runs of pre-production and production parts that exhibit void-free, accurate and durable properties.

CompressionCast is a compression molding process with flexible silicone material to build tough parts.

CompositeCast produces strong, durable urethane parts reinforced with composite.

VolumeCast is a hybrid tooling process that can produce higher volumes of large urethane parts.

RotationCast is a multi-access casting ideal for hollow parts or complex core geometries.


Shore D Urethane

Shore D Urethane
  • AFP3100
  • AFP3100FR
  • CompositeCast AFP3100FR
  • AFP3105FR
  • AFP3320
  • AFP3400
  • AFP3600
  • U0080DC-L
  • PT8958
  • CompositeCast PT8958
  • RC 79D

Shore A Urethane

Shore A Urethane
  • E1005AL
  • E1015AL
  • E1025AL
  • E1030AL
  • E1040AL
  • E1050AL
  • E1060AL
  • E1070AB
  • E1080AB
  • E1090AB
  • E1095AB

Shore A Silicone

Shore A Silicone
  • AFS15
  • AFS30
  • AFS40
  • AFS50
  • AFS60

Expanding Foam Urethane

Expanding Foam Urethane
  • Foam Flex V412
  • Foam Flex V915
  • Foam Flex V1232
  • Foam Rigid V316

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