How to Transform Your Business Today

The use of 3D printing in dental labs is no longer the future – it’s now. The question is no longer “when” to invest in a digital workflow but rather “what” to invest in and “how” to successfully integrate additive technology into existing processes, and how to grow your business using the technology. In this white paper you’ll learn:

  • How to define and leverage your lab’s strengths
  • What technology to implement to benefit you today and into the future

Print surgical guides like this one to practice upcoming surgeries prior to working on the patient.

Download the Design Guide

Discover the key technology considerations of Urethane Casting by downloading the design guideline.

3D printed housing cover

Siemens Customizes Production

FDM 3D Printing Enables Extended Customer Service Offering

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a 3D printed part created by Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

Parts on Demand

Scale manufacturing capabilities as you grow

Leverage parts on demand solutions throughout the product development and manufacturing life cycle to help your organization advance.

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3D printed FDM part
Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology

FDM is changing the way industries design and manufacture. With FDM, a designer can sketch an idea and test it the same day. Industries can cut lead times and costs, products turn out better, and get to market faster.

A 3D printed "Imaginary Being" sculpture By Neri Oxman

3D Printed Art and Design World

3D printed art work by some of the worlds top artists and designers comes to life through the use of innovative technologies.

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