Fast Production of Forming Tools

Start pilot or low-volume production sooner with 3D printed forming tools made with strong, heat-resistant materials. Using production-grade FDM thermoplastics, 3D printed forming tools can get you from tool design to production in as little as one week.

Reduce the overall time to produce thermoformed parts with 3D printed forms. FDM thermoform tooling offers simple tool fabrication compared with traditionally manufactured tools to accommodate your specific tooling needs.


A drone constructed with the help of a Stratasys 3D Printer and Composite Tooling


熔融沉积成型 (FDM) 技术可简化复合零件的制造工作,同时提供无与伦比的设计自由。只需短短数天,即可生产出耐高温且具有成本效益的工具。 Read More

 jigs and fixtures examples made with a Stratasys 3D Printer


3D 打印设计的灵活性可帮助您针对特定任务、组件、个人或设备,优化夹具、治具及其他制造辅助用具,而不会提高成本或延长生产时间。